Dominate me: The houseguest

Angela and Kirk love getting together from time to time: her call is all it takes for David to start getting ready, making sure he does not upset his favorite mistress. Once of those days Angela shows up after giving a heads up phone call, only to discover David has a house guest. This does not seem to prevent them from having their fun in the bathroom. Little do they know, the houseguest is into watching other people fuck…

Double Room, Non-Refundable

Trish and Irene arrive at their hotel exhausted and feel like resting. They are annoyed by the excessively helpful concierge, who insists on showing them to their room. When Irene goes to the shower and Trish starts unpacking, the room attendant arrives. It's a young guy named Keith who noticed the new guests and would like to teach them some manners, since they obviously feel superior. Keith first fucks ball gagged Trish in her tight pussy and makes her suck his cock. Once he's a bit satisfied, he visits Irene in the shower inviting her to join the fun they are already having. Little do Irene and Trish know, this is only the beginning of their unusual stay at the hotel where no guests have a chance to enjoy their shower or unpack until they are visited by the horny members of the staff…

The Sex Shop Story: Don't Toy With Dildos!

Two friends Taylor and Jen are enjoying a nice warm day. When things get hot and they start kissing right in the middle of the street, the girls notice a sex shop they have never seen before. Curious about what they could find in there, they decide to come inside, but there is no one to ask them what they would like to see. They keep looking around, touching the dildos and admiring the gear, when suddenly a crazy idea occurs to one of them: how about trying some of that stuff right there? When they are both naked and enjoying their hot session involving a strap-on dildo and a bench, the shop owner walks in and demands an explanation. Since there is nothing plausible the girls could say, the women names Vicky threatens to tell their parents unless they become her obedient slaves. The scared girls agree, and Vicky comes up with a nice way to punish them right in her sex shop, using her favorite sex gear.

Sign For Your Delivery. Part 1.

Jeremy and Martha are married and always manage to come up with new ways to have fun… One morning when Martha is out, her husband gets to sign for a delivery. The delivery is this large wooden box, and Jeremy has no clue what could possible be in there. Until he gives his wife a call and learns it's a surprise. Impatient for his wife to come home, Jeremy opens the box in the garage and discovers a gorgeous girl still wearing her veil as if she just came from her own wedding. The new slave his wife purchased is so irresistible and so disobedient, Jeremy is unable to resist the temptation and starts teaching her good manners. Trish will have to eat out of a doggie bowl and will be fucked ruthlessly with the noose around her neck… Of course, this is only the beginning, as the real fund starts when the Mrs. joins them… Action!

When a young girl Molly is bored and all by herself taking a hot shower, exploring her own pussy, her overjoyed husband runs in telling her there is a great idea. Molly is excited to find out she could be doing the same things she usually fantasizes about, but in real life and for thousands of viewers watching her every move. All they need is a webcam and a great idea, and those ideas start pouring out as soon as they start, which means young Molly will have many different tasks to keep the audience entertained, which does not make it any less enjoyable for her!

The Infernal Convent: The Sinner

The Infernal Convent is a very decent convent with its rules and punishment for the ungodly deeds. This is exactly what's coming to one of the young nuns – Sister Temperance, which is discovered in her cell fingering her pussy with a passion she never displayed when praying. Terrified, she is taken down to the convent's dungeon where Mother Johanna and Sister Camille are going to help her deal with her sinful desires and clear her of the sin staining her immortal soul, using exquisite equipment and excellent knowledge of laws of nature.

Adelle's Submission experience. Part 2.

Having found a perfect Mistress, Adelle is enjoying her company, especially when she's giving her some obedience training at lunchtime. One of those days, a friend of Beatrice (Adelle's Mistress) comes by hoping to have a romantic evening. Instead, he is up for a submission/domination surprise and gets a chance to take most active part in the action. Adelle once gain becomes a sex toy for pleasing the powerful Mistress and her guest. Adelle gets her share of submission by standing on her knees, as Beatrice and Jacques have a rest and discuss their plans. Then it's finally her time to suck cock, eat pussy and have her Mistress stimulate her erogenous zones. Adelle is getting the kick out of the process, pleasing Jacques with her insatiable mouth and obeying every word of her Mistress.

You Can Call Me Mistress

Nina is left in charge of her old friend's daughter Tonya, who has got quite a temper. As Nina is trying to make herself comfortable watching TV, the girl seems to piss her off intentionally with loud music and quite some attitude. Nina, not being shy at all, leaves the room having a perfect plan in mind… She soon returns to the room wearing an extravagant leather outfit. The girl understands immediately her behavior will have to be stopped, for there is a new mistress in the house. Nina is well equipped to let the naughty girl understand the mistakes made when communicating with her babysitter, and she has all it takes to show her some great time too.

Adelle's Submission experience. Part 1.

Adelle is a young pretty girl who dreams about submission. She can't get enough of it, but only in her mind, until one lucky day when she comes across a personal ad calling for a female slave ready to commit and serve the Mistress. Adelle arrives at the house on the same day and finally meets her Mistress named Beatrice, who has a lot of experience and brilliant ideas of teaching her slaves obedience. Beatrice examines her new slave to make sure there are no flows of any kind and starts their first training session with the gorgeous slave who desperately needs someone she could obey without asking questions. Beatrice starts with a small warm-up, making her slave lick her pussy to be well prepared for all the twisted manipulations she has in mind.

Picture Perfect

Meg pays a visit to a famous painter Ryan, known for his creative style and willingness to experiment. She needs a revealing painting and is ready to follow all the recommendations of the talented painter to make sure she looks magnificent on his work of art. Ryan, however, has a very specific idea of the way Meg is supposed to look like, so he persuades her to take all the clothes off. Meg is about to embark upon an exciting journey into the world of pleasure and obedience, all that to make sure Ryan gets the inspiration he needs to create a sensational painting of her.

Careful what you wish for…

Lola is into obedience and rough sex, but she doesn’t know it yet. When one day the girl spills the beans about this kinky side of her, talking to a reporter, she doesn’t realize her dreams will very soon come true. On her date with Ted on the same night, Lola finds out he has a surprise waiting for her. All she needs to do is let Ted blindfold her (for her surprise to be genuine) and follow the lead. Lola agrees, and just in half an hour finds herself naked and ring-gagged, suspended under the ceiling of a very strange-looking room. Ted will make sure Lola get the full taste of being an obedient slave to a strict and very horny master!

Suffering Sinner

The Locked Room is where the punishments take place in N. Convent. And when a nun sins as bad as young Sister Rosamund did, the prioress herself carries out all the necessary procedures and helps nuns to redeem their sins. Sister Rosamund’s punishment wasn’t easy or pleasant. The prioress, Sister Gloria, didn’t spare the young sinner. The first thing Sister Rosamund saw after she had taken her clothes off, as the Order implies, was Sister Gloria’s big cock, which she was supposed to fit into her tiny mouth and suck as deep as possible…But that was merely a preparation for other torturing procedures. Sister Rosamund got to learn many new things about pain, pleasure, and herself.


Annabel always dreamed about working in circus, and at last she entered the circus backstage. The hottie loved the place – magic was everywhere, and the midgets practicing their performance were so cute and fun!! They seemed to be very interested when Annabel told them that she wanted to be a circus rider. They offered her to have try-outs right away…Sweet blond had no idea that was just a dirty trick, so when she found herself hanging in the air tied up and gagged she was quite shocked! But when the horny midgets tore her clothes off and whipped her, Annabel knew it was a trap. Too late, though… All kinds of various things, including sucking and double penetration, were waiting for her!

The Basement Mystery

While her husband is out, Carla goes down to the basement and discovers the dirty truth about Fred: he is into cruel sex games, and only god knows what kind of stuff happens in their basement. Carla finds proof all over the place, and to say she is shocked is to say nothing. Suddenly, her husband shows up accompanied by his friend Rick. Rick and Fred decide Carla knows enough to stay and please them both, so they rip off her clothes, and after whipping her properly make the woman suck their cocks and fuck her deep until she almost faints, begging them to carry on with their cruel but very arousing actions. Carla discovers a more passionate side of herself, and is made to apply all her skills for Fred and his guest to cum abundantly. There is a lot of pain and pleasure waiting for Carla, as the imagination of her torturers is endless.

Sex-Maid in Manhattan

It’s hard to be a maid in Manhattan, especially when you are young cute silly girl serving for strict masters who punish you harsh for every tiny mistake…Gordon and Judith Van Buren think they are lucky to find Nicolle, a maid who is so stupid that she makes mistakes daily, and they get to punish her really bad!! The day when Nicolle brought them cold coffee Van Burens started with making her suck on Gordon’s dick, while Judith fucked her cunt with a strap-on, and though their maid suffered horribly, they explained her that the real pain were still ahead. Nicolle understood what they meant just when they tied her hand and foot, put a gag in her mouth and started lashing…

Kinky Clinic

Margaret Flynn had no idea who put her in the power of Kinky Clinic’s doctors, but it was cruel, for the place was a torture chamber. From the very first second when Margaret came to herself in their cabinet naked and chained to some strange equipment, fear didn’t leave her. The “medical treatment” she had experienced included nipple-clips, ass-fucking, electroshock, whipping, and lots of other tortures. Attended by Doctor Karnes and Professor Troyes she went through all kinds of pain. Each of her holes, each inch of her body received its portion of enormous pain, and by the end of the treatment she was fucked almost to unconsciousness.

Sex Toys Of The Caribbean

Rosalia, young redheaded waitress, dreamed to become an actress, so she left her home-town on a pirate ship. But pirates turned out to be dirty perverts, not brave gentlemen, so when they found her hiding in a hold, they made her feel all kinds of horrible pain. Bully Bill and Knave, the most cruel and insatiable ones, started with beating and lashing, and when Rosalia’s tender crotch was covered with red marks, they used her as a human pendulum to make her suck on their dicks in turns, and that was just the beginning. Rosalia fainted several times, but that didn’t stop severe pirates, who turned her into a sex toy and made her go through all the stages of fear and pain.

Ballet Master

Josephina and Irene are sexy, but quite hopeless ballet dancers in their college Ballet Studio. Thanks to them Christmas staging is falling apart, so Mr. Walberg, famous ballet-master, is invited to get them ready. It seems he has some secret approach, which turns untalented ladies into very emotional and expressive ballerinas…Josephine and Irene get to know his secret the very first day: after the lesson Mr. Walberg chains them and drags them to a gloomy basement, where he makes them experience intolerable pain!! While Josephine, chained to the ceiling, is impaled on a huge dildo, Irene is asked to suck Mr. Walberg’s shlong, and that’s merely a beginning!

The Master in Disguise: an Unexpected Visitor

When Olga was knocking on the door of her colleague Kevin’s apartment she was expecting to find him alone – on that particular evening the girl was feeling quite lonely and was ready to settle even for a guy like Kevin. She didn’t remember a lot – there was definitely some wine, some talking, but then she just woke up hanged by the wrists in a small room that looked like a fully-equipped BDSM dungeon with her friend Miranda right there on the floor. Olga immediately understood that Kevin, who she always thought was a dark horse, turned out to be a lot more cunning than that. Her mouth was taped, her feet in the air – and very soon the master entered the room carrying a whip. Kevin was glad to see Olga join their party – he was already a bit bored, and the second pussy was a great chance for him to turn on his perverted imagination!

The Monastery: Father Shulze

Stella Parker – a woman married to a wealthy businessman, once learns rich people have their own ways of punishing for adultery, and those are some painful and kinky ways. After being brought to a monastery by her husband who caught her cheating with some young twisted stud, Stella's sleek body is first fucked by the monastery's nuns. But this is only a preparation for the main chapter in the book – as soon after that Stella and another sinner like herself – Annie - are invited to meet Father Schulze, who believes in redemption and repentance through hardcore sexual action. The two girls are going to redeem themselves by making sure Father Schulze's dick is always taken care of, and they are helped by the two nuns – Sister Sonia and Sister Michaela.

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