The Call Girl

Kim is a young whore that one day gets a very affluent client willing to have fun with her. The girl wearing her best and sexiest outfit follows the directions of her pimp and goes to a luxurious hotel room. Only when she is inside and the door is closed does Kim notice there is something wrong about the place. It looks like a dark dungeon, and there is a creepy man behind a glass wall. It doesn't take too long for Kim to realize her "date" will be an unusual one...

Last Box of Cookies: Doug

In this set of 3D cartoons we see a continuation of the story of Natalie – a young girl selling cookies that got trapped in a BDSM dungeon and was tortured by her mistress Beverly who enjoyed using different kind of equipment on her guest. When Beverly got tired and Natalie thought the moment when she would be released was close – there was another visitor that decided to join the party. With appearance of Doug Natalie realized her hope of being released was lost – and she was right. The man was there for anything but fooling around, and started his session with using a branding iron on Natalie's smooth skin, then whipping her into unconsciousness. All the exquisite tortures tried on Natalie were, however, just a preview of what was coming next…

The Monastery: Return Of The Husband

After taking his promiscuous wife to a secluded monastery her husband Richard comes back to pick up his wife. He is given a small tour by Father Schulze and seems to be satisfied with what he sees: has wife is fully obedient and does everything she is told, being fucked and abused every single day of her contemptible life. After paying Father Schulze for the job well done he asks for some time alone with his wife before they drive away and has Stella prepared and waiting for him in one of the monastery cells. Before they are back to the civilized world he has got to make sure his wife is as obedient as he expects she would be. Upon entering the room, he finds Stella tied up and gagged. Father Schulze has prepared a lot of equipment for Richard to test the obedience of his wife – and this is exactly what he is going to do. The baseball bat Stella used in her sex games with the lover plays one of important roles in the husband's plan…


If you saw the sign “BDSM bar” on the gloomy door of an old factory building, you wouldn’t think there were many girls wishing to visit it. But in fact, stupid heads of young sexy creatures are full of the weirdest fantasies and ideas, and BDSM masters had a lot of fresh flesh every week. Dolly, one of their dumb visitors, was blindfolded and undressed as soon as she came inside, and when some scary man in a mask took the rag off, she saw a sign “SLAVE” on her chest and realized that she got herself in a real mess!

The Monastery: Stella's Introduction

Stella is brought to a very strange castle-like building by her husband Richard who caught her cheating on him in the basement, doing all kind of dirty stuff with her lover Ulrich. Since Stella thinks her secret hasn't been discovered, she follows her husband to the strange place, being sure there is a nice surprise waiting for her. Stella is prepared for the ritual of mental and physical purification by two nuns – Sister Sonia and Sister Michaela. The ritual is not exactly what she thinks at first – and Stella realizes sit when she is undressed, handcuffed and suspended by the wrists. The nuns start their ritual by sticking a dildo up the woman's pussy – Stella is about to learn living in a monastery is nothing like she imagined. The two nuns seem to have any kinkiest ides in their heads, and they are intending to implement them all.

Last Box of Cookies: Beverly

Natalie is an innocent girl just thinking about selling her last box of cookies. Luckily, she finds a lady who is willing to purchase the box and is invited to come in. Little does she know, the hostess already has plans about her… Beverly is always looking for young naïve girls like Natalie, so getting her drunk and hot is a matter of several minutes – and then it's time for Natalie to get her first experience of lesbian love. Natalie regains consciousness in a BDSM dungeon being chained to a wooden table… She suddenly realizes the amazing sex was just a preview and there are a lot more cruel things expecting her in the nearest future…

The Master in Disguise: Miranda’s Mistake

When getting ready for her date Miranda could never imagine herself being hanged by the wrists, whipped and fucked with a vibrator dildo… The romantic secret admirer who sent her flowers turned out to be Kevin – a very nice and friendly guy from the office, a bit too shy though. Kevin was very glad to see her – especially since Miranda was wearing the sluttiest outfit she found – and they were having a great time drinking red wine... Miranda woke up naked with her hands tied and saw Kevin wearing an intimidating leather outfit. The girl was scared – but not nearly as scared as when she realized Kevin was going to use all the bondage equipment from his collection on her…

The Monastery: How Stella Got In

Once Stella's husband leaves for a business meeting, she has her lover Ulrich come over. They have a glass of red wine, chat and joke – the whole evening is ahead of them, and there is no need to worry about anything like Stella's husband coming back home earlier than planned. Ulrich, being into all kind of kinky stuff, makes Stella wear a collar and walk on her knees and hands like a dog – but this is by far not the end of it. Little by little, the woman takes liking to the unusual and sometimes cruel sex game, and is begging Ulrich for more. The young man uses everything he finds in the basement where he is having fun with his new lover – there is a bat that he is going to drive up her pussy, weights that he will tie Stella to, and what not. Some of Ulrich's ideas make Stella wish she was in some other place, while other ones get her very excited. Their sex games are in no way interrupted when Stella's husband suddenly shows up – as he prefers to watch them from the distance, thinking about a plan and intending to punish his promiscuous wife.

The Perfect Secretary

I want to tell you my cruel love-story. You see, I had always been a… strange… let’s say… special, lonely girl. But one day I became a secretary and Mr. Douglas Redmond, my boss, rescued me: he showed me that special girls need very special attention. In my case – harsh… rough attention. Mr. Douglas punished me for my tiniest mistakes, spanking and embarrassing me. My days at work were full of BDSM practice and I…loved it!!! I became addicted to Mr. Douglas’s methods. I made more and more mistakes on purpose, he punished me daily, and we both enjoyed it! Until one day I spilled coffee on his client, and he…

Secret Sorority

Working your way up to the crème de la creme of college society can be one bumpy ride – especially when it’s actually you who they are gonna ride on! Sexy Kimberly wanted to get into the inviolable sanctuary of the Secret Sorority so bad that she only smelled the rat when the doors of the sinister-looking dungeon clang close behind her back and she saw the cages and sex gadgets scattered around it… with two extremely bossy and horny dykes standing sentinel on the guard! Much too soon the girl had to prove her eligibility by spreading her legs and arching her butt, taking in the huge strap-ons and suffering the merciless flogging. See inside to know if the hapless chick’s body is good enough to qualify for the membership in the club!

Sleepless in New York

Angela just started to work in a reputable company and was doing her best to demonstrate all the skills she had, hoping to advance in her career, and that’s why she often worked late. One night when Angela was finishing sorting out her boss’s mail she was invited into the office. There was her boss Michelle and her colleague – Ninelle – who had some plans about poor Angela. They started by taking off her clothes her and ordering her to put on a leather collar. When they came back Angela saw both of her bosses had huge dicks! But the story was yet to begin – after several minutes of sucking she was taken to a special room where her suffering continued, much to the pleasure of Ninelle and Michelle.

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